How to Hide Apps on Android: The 3 Best Methods


Other than that, some apps may contain personal and sensitive information such as personal finance data , business secrets, or intellectual property. You wouldn’t want them falling into the wrong hands if they get lost or stolen.

Last but not the least, nowadays many Android devices are cluttered with bloatware. These apps often make it difficult to find the app you need. They also run in the background and slow down your device.

For these reasons, we often have to hide some Android apps. In the next section, learn the best methods to hide apps on Android device.

Disable Pre-Installed or System Apps

Whatever Android phone you are using, it surely comes with a bag of pre-installed system apps or other apps.

While this won’t remove the app from your Android device, it will certainly hide it from the app drawer and prevent it from running in the background.

Disable system app

To disable an Android app, go to the Settings section of your device. The easiest way to do this is to click on the gear icon visible on the notification panel. Find Apps or Apps & Notifications to open a list of all apps.

Now select and open the individual apps you want to hide. Tap Disable button to disable it temporarily. You can also enable disabled apps later if needed.


Some Android devices allow you to lock individual apps using a pattern or numeric password. After locking an app, you need to re-enter the password or pattern each time you want to access it. Thus, the applications will be safe from unwanted access.

Using Third-Party Apps to Hide Unwanted Apps

You may not find these methods useful for your scenarios, or these techniques are not available on your device. Besides the above approaches, you can also use one of the following applications:

Top Launcher Nova

Instead of using your Android phone’s default launcher app, you can use Top Nova Launcher , which is a custom launcher for Android. Along with having all the other necessary and advanced features of a launcher , it comes with the feature to hide unnecessary and sensitive apps.

Screenshots of Nova Launcher Prime app

Without uninstalling any apps from your Android phone, you can move them from the app drawer and keep them hidden. Open Nova Settings and select Apps and widgets drawers option. Next, tap on Hide a pps and select all the apps you want to hide from the Android app drawer.

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