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What is a fingerprint solution?

An advanced technique called a device fingerprint solution gathers different device characteristics to produce a special identification, or “fingerprint,” for every device. Device-specific data including the IP address, internet settings, operating system limitations, and more can be found in these parameters. Businesses can determine the authenticity of devices and identify any questionable or criminal activity by examining this fingerprint. Also read: What Is Device Fingerprinting & How Does It Work

Device fingerprinting systems have become effective weapons in the battle against criminal activity and fraudulent activities. These solutions give companies distinct identities that confirm the authenticity of devices, enabling them to safeguard their operating systems while making sensible choices.

Top fingerprint solutions

  • SEON: For efficient prevention of fraud, SEON provides a device fingerprinting system that includes behavioral profiling and identification of devices. It has undergone testing to ensure that it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Businesses must carefully evaluate SEON’s service consistency and endurance even though it exhibits distinctiveness. Additionally, SEON sticks to official standards, guaranteeing standardization.
  • Shield: The device fingerprinting technology from Shield is excellent at detecting fraudsters and identifying risks. It has put efforts in a variety of settings and has been thoroughly verified for interaction with a wide range of operating systems. Businesses should take the stability of the service they provide regardless of their unique operating needs into account. To guarantee the accuracy of applications, Shield additionally offers code encryption strategies.
  • CredoLab:CredoLab provides a device fingerprinting solution with a concentration on identifying fraudulent activity and credibility evaluation. Connectivity with several operating systems, including iOS and Android, has been evaluated. It is crucial to remember that CredoLab is primarily dependent on gathering user and statistical information, including call logs, pictures, and geolocation. Compliance with regulations and user confidentiality may be affected by this data acquisition.

Things to Take Into Account While Selecting a Device Fingerprint Solution

  • Precision and Dependability: Look for a fingerprint solution for devices that can accurately detect and differentiate between different types of gadgets. The treatment must exhibit an established history of dependable device identification with minimal false positives and inaccurate results.
  • Durability and Innovation: Make sure that every gadget is capable of creating a distinctive and permanent identifier using the device fingerprint solution. This guarantees that the solution will be able to correctly identify the device and link it to its previous data, even if the device’s specifications differ as time passes.
  • Combining Fraud Databases: Consider systems that may utilize extensive risk information sources or connect with alternative fraud registries. By enabling the cross-referencing of device fingerprints with recognized fraudulent structures, this combination improves the precision of risk evaluation and prevention of fraud.
  • Particular Risk Profiles: Examine if the device fingerprint solution can use a variety of factors to generate distinct risk assessments for every device. Comprehensive risk assessments can be used to determine the dangers of programs, virtualization instruments, Android emulators, and third-party packaging.

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