Do I still need a screen protector if I buy one of the new iPhone 12 Pro Pro models?


Is it still necessary to apply a screen protector on the latest iPhone 12 Pro models?

Do I still need a screen protector if I buy one of the new iPhone 12 Pro models?

The straightforward answer is yes. Apple has disclosed that the new iPhone 12 Pro models’ displays will incorporate Ceramic Shield, which offers four times the protection of previous iPhone models’ screens in the event that the phone is dropped.

The good news is that modern phone screens are more durable. The bad news is that they are not impervious to destruction. In at least one test, the screen of an iPhone 12 ProPro was damaged after falling from a height of six feet. The following is an extract from several of the most major technology media’ coverage on iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors:

  • “As every smartphone owner knows, even if manufacturers talk a big game about tougher displays, you’ll still be privately praying to God when you turn over your phone after an

Better fall protection does not inevitably imply more scratch resistance. Vanessa Hand Orellana works at CNET.

  • “Would you be willing to pay anything from $700 to $1,100 to find out just how effectively Ceramic Shield holds up against your keys and whatever else you keep in your pockets or handbag?” Apple said it was four times more durable, but did not claim it was indestructible. Victoria Song is a Gizmodo staff writer.

Gizmodo’s writer provides the following examples to illustrate why screen protectors are still required: You should continue to use sunscreen to protect your skin; you should put sheets on your mattress; table cloths on your table; and wood sealants on your furniture.

So, what distinguishes Ceramic Shield from the competition? Normal glass’s atoms are disorganised, resulting in more defects. Ceramic atoms contain considerably fewer defects due to their regular arrangement. Corning’s product contains ceramic crystals into the glass to reduce flaws and fractures.

Regardless, you should instal a screen protector to prevent scratches, shield the screen from impacts, and have extra peace of mind.

It will be much appreciated by your savings account. The screen on your iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 ProPro will cost you $279 to fix. If you have an older iPhone, having it repaired will cost you between $12 Pro9 and $329.

You may also simply get insurance coverage if the item breaks. Gadget Guard was the first firm to provide screen protection insurance in the event that a screen breaks. Gadget Guard Flex screen protectors come with up to $250 in insurance, and the protectors meant for iPhone models contain antimicrobial protection that may prolong the life of your screen protector. You may also enable Privacy, which prevents other people from peeking at your screen.

Last but not least, Song offers the following advice in another Gizmodo story: “Just suck it up, get a case, and wear a screen protector.”

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