Digital Marketing: What is it?


Definition of digital marketing

Today, 89% of the French population is connected to the internet and the French spend an average of 1h42 per day on social networks !

Difficult, therefore, not to react to these dizzying figures… We can definitely no longer think of marketing without digital. A company can no longer limit itself to traditional marketing (events, PR, brochures, etc.).

Digital marketing (or digital marketing) includes all the techniques and methods used to promote a service or product via digital (or digital) media.

Digital marketing is everywhere and there are many digital channels:

As we said above, digital marketing is useful for publicizing your business and the products or services sold.

More than that, it’s a great way to get to know and connect with your customers . For a client, giving his opinion, reacting to a publication on social networks… All of this has never been so easy!

There are a multitude of digital marketing levers and actions that you can activate Know in any case, that they will be useful to you for:

The benefits of a good digital marketing strategy

The first point and not least… Digital marketing is accessible to ALL companies , regardless of their size or sector of activity. Indeed, in general, it is much easier to control the costs generated by a digital marketing campaign. Unlike offline marketing.

In addition, if you have just launched an activity or if you want to test a new product offer, digital marketing allows you to quickly test your idea . Your product doesn’t even have to physically exist, you’ll just be confronting your market. All you need: a well-built sales page and a dose of advertising! When more classic advertising is aimed at everyone, digital marketing allows you to be very precise .

Finally, remember that the web offers geographical and time perspectives that are impossible to match with a physical store..

Besides, your customers have never been so close to you with social networks. They allow you to build a community of Internet users interested in your products and services. Thanks to the interactions on your publications or the use of private messaging, your customers can write to you. You can ask them for the evolution of your offer or the creation of a product. The client/company relationship is completely transformed !

The most effective digital marketing levers for your strategy

How to implement an effective digital marketing strategy ? In b to b, if you want to achieve your goals, you must work first on: inbound marketing , content marketing and marketing automation . These are, without a doubt, the most powerful marketing levers to activate.

Work on your personas and their journey, the essential prerequisite of digital marketing.

There is one essential rule for success in digital marketing: You must know your customers perfectly .

You must then model them through the creation of buyer personas and the use of the jobs to be done method . This is essential to better understand the motivations of your targets and their needs. If this work is neglected, your digital marketing action plan will rest on poor foundations.

By working on your personas in a precise way, you will be able to create content adapted to their needs and therefore attract them to your website, your social networks but also directly to your sales representatives!

Inbound marketing: the best ROI marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is a conversion process based on the idea that customers today are no longer sensitive to invasive approaches. Your targets need you to solve a problem. You must help them solve it and only approach them at the right time to sell them your services. For this you need to know them and understand their customer journey .

For each phase of the customer journey, you need to offer relevant content. Each action of your visitors allows them to progress and using tools you will be able to assign a maturity score to each of them. A good inbound marketing strategy will allow you to understand at what stage each of your visitors are: Lead, MQL, SQL …

What you need to remember here is that inbound marketing allows you to qualify and convert your leads with the right content at the right time. It is therefore a clever mix between: content marketing and a relevant content distribution strategy (if possible automatically: marketing automation).

Content marketing, the fuel of your digital marketing

Content marketing is defined as the creation and dissemination of content to attract and retain an audience. It is intimately linked to inbound marketing but can also be used to feed your outbound initiatives (prospecting, advertising, exhibition, etc.).

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