Configure connection sharing on computer


You want to connect another computer that we will designate Computer B to the internet but for some reason X or Y you cannot connect it directly to the same internet source as computer A.

Finally, if you want to better understand the networks and how they work , I will give you

As far as you are concerned, you can find out with certainty which interface connects Computer B and A by disconnecting and reconnecting the cable which connects . By performing this action you will see the interface disconnect and reconnect live.

In order to know the interface with which you are connected to the internet , you can perform the same action by disconnecting and reconnecting the cable that provides the internet connection . If you are connected via a Wifi network , this is the only wifi interface that appears in the list of interfaces.

Configure the network interface of computer A connected to computer B

Go to the properties of the interface connected to computer A (For me “Ethernet”), in the Network management tab , click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and configure the interface as below:Sharing the line

Configure the computer B network interface connected to computer A

What is important to understand here is that computer B needs to know the ip address that it will have to assign to its interface as well as the ip address of its default gateway . To put it simply , the default gateway is the ip address of the interface of another computer which allows access to another network . in our case the other network is the internet .

If computer B has an operating system other than Windows 10 , you will need to learn how to configure an interface under that particular operating system. And then, test your internet connection .

If computer B is running Linux, you can draw inspiration from our tutorial to learn how to connect a BeagleBone with a debian operating system to the internet

Right-click on the interface that is connected to computer A (If you are not sure which interface to configure , repeat the advice from step 1 to find out which interface is connected to computer A ).

Configure the interface of computer b as belowconfigure-the interface by copying this configuration

Test the configuration of computer B

Open a command terminal – (Windows PowerShell for example)

Check the ip address you configured on the affected computer B interface


If it corresponds to the ip address you can continue, otherwise it means that the interface of computer B is badly configured so start again at step 3

If the pingdoes not work, check that the cable connecting the two computers is well connected and not defective if this is the case, recheck that the interface of computer A is correctly configured

If you do not get an answer, it means that your internet access is probably incorrectly configured so you will have to reconfigure the default default gateway of computer B

Finally check that the configured DNS server is working trying to “ping”


If you don’t get a response , your interface’s preferred DNS server is probably misconfigured . So you will have to reconfigure the interface of computer B

If you get this far, you’ve successfully completed this tutorial! A big thumbs up!

To go further

This article voluntarily proposes a solution without very technical details. If you want to know more about networks and their configuration, I recommend reading the definition of a network , as well as the definition of the internet and finally the definition of routing .

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